How to make a sandblaster

Опубликовано: 21.05.2017

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Since I wrote up my sandblaster plans and released them awhile back, I discovered another hidden manual that you may want to check out if you want to build your own sandblaster.

I discovered this when I was searching around the internet to see other projects of people making their own sandblaster.   The manual is actually called “Build Your Own Sandblaster” and was published by a small publishing company back in the 1980’s called FineLine Publishing.

I did research on the company and it seems to not exist anymore, but if you come across one of these manuals, you might want to check some used copys.   I bought mine for a few dollars online.

Unlike my do it yourself plans, this manual explains how to make a larger mobile sandblaster system which would be ideal for someone starting a business sandblasting for a living.   It doesn’t go into full detail of the exact place to get every part like my plans but explains typical places to get them such as junk yards and hardware stores.

These plans are unique because it shows which is mounted to a small trailer and is run by a “Do it Yourself” air compressor system powered by a V-8 engine. I liked how they discuss getting into the business sandblasting as a weekend job and making it yourself to save thousands of dollars.   When you get to purchase these larger sandblasting systems, they become very expensive. So it might be ideal for someone to make their own system, especially when they need a huge one.

So I hope sharing this find helps someone. If you need to reference any information from it, just ask by leaving a comment below.

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